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We are located on Brock Street between Albert St
and Queen St in Sault Ste. Marie

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EyeGlass Guide

Gucci Glasses on Wood 1280×480

We carry an extensive collection of high and middle end frames. When you find a frame that fits well, looks good and just makes you happy, there is much more work to be done. Once your frame is chosen, a lens to suit your requirements and lifestyle is chosen. Multiple measurements must be made to ensure that the lens is properly fit in the frame. The optical centre must be placed in the centre of the pupil. The frame must be fit properly around the ears, sit on the nose properly and have the proper pantoscopic tilt so you are happy with your glasses and see well. (These changes will show that making a pair of glasses is not a simple “I like that frame”.)


We have reopened for general eyecare. Make an appointment by clicking here or calling 705-809-3300!

Special notice from Dr. Myles: I have worked for 30 in the optometric profession. Some patients are covered by OHIP children to age 19, seniors 65+ and partial exams for follow ups or patient initiated complaints. In those 30 years there has been less than a 3% increase in fees. That is the same as wages being $5.50/hr in 1990 and now paying $6.60/hr. Is it fair? No. We are now in the position of paying from our pocket to see OHIP patients. On June 15, optometrists of Ontario will be initiating a job action to bring the attention of MOH and OHIP to the failed negotiations that have gone on for 30 years. We hope you will understand and support us in these times. See the website If you have more questions please call us. Thanks for 30 years of support and friendship.

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